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Conference Summary of "Software Development in Russia - Opportunity for U.S. Business"

The conference was attended by over 150 people, including 37 attendees from Russia and representatives of over 50 U.S. companies. Conference participants came from 11 U.S. States and the District of Columbia. The conference program was an informative and factual introduction to the Russian software industry and its potential for U.S. businesses. Luncheon speaker Esther Dyson gave a personal history of her own involvement with this dynamic sector of the Russian economy. She emphasized the the software industry in Russia is fundamentally new and modern segment of the economy with tremendous potential for those willing to look at the facts behind the negative headlines about Russia. Many participants emphasized that the strength of Russian science and science education puts the country in a unique position to play a leading role in worldwide software development.

Copies of the speakers presentation materials will be available on this site after May 1.

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