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Fourth International Aerospace Congress
August 18-23, 2003


Moscow, Russia

www: www.fund.ru/programs/iac.shtml

The First International Aerospace Congress IAC’94 dedicated to the 60th Birth Anniversary of the First Astronaut of the World Yurij Gagarin was held in August, 1994. 767 scientists, designers, astronauts from 29 countries participated in the Congress. More than 500 papers on various scientific problems were presented.

The Second International Aerospace Congress IAC’97 was held in August – September, 1997 and was dedicated to the 40th Anniversary of the launch of the First Artificial Satellite and to the 850th Anniversary of the founding of the City of Moscow. 976 participants from 26 countries took part in the Congress. 18 Plenary Lectures were given, 562 papers were presented, 14 Sections and 3 Round Tables were conducted during the Congress. Upon the results of the Congress the Declaration was adopted and sent to the United Nations, UNEP, UNESCO, UNIDO, ECOSOC, ICAO and to other international organizations.

The Third International Aerospace Congress IAC’2000 was dedicated to the 35th Anniversary of the First-Ever Spacewalk, to the 25th Anniversary of Cooperation in Space SOYUZ – APOLLO, to the 100th Birth Anniversary of the known Aircraft Designer Sergey Lavochkin and was held in August, 2000. 848 scientists and designers from 17 countries participated in the Congress. The Exhibition “AEROSPACE 2000” was held. The Congress’ Declaration was adapted.

The Fourth International Aerospace Congress IAC’03, dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of the World Aviation will be held from August 18 to 23, 2003 in close connection with the International Aviation and Space Salon - 2003.

Correspondence Prof. Mark Liberzon IAC’2003 Petrovka Str., 27, Moscow, 107031, Russia Tel.: +7 (095) 200-2727 Fax: +7 (095) 209-6010 E-mail: congress@fund.ru http://www.fund.ru/programs/iac.shtml

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