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"Dust in the Wind"

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4 November 2003
"Dust in the Wind"

The new way to clean up emissions invented in Sverdlovsk Province is better than Western equivalents and reduces harmful pollutants by several times.

Every spring, as the snow melts, the cities of the Urals are surrounded by thick clouds of dust. This kind of air pollution, along with the high incidence of smoking, is one of the leading reasons for the steady growth in lung cancer in the area. According to the International Agency for Cancer Research, around 85% of malignant tumors can be attributed to unhealthy environmental conditions. Emissions from petrochemical, power generating, aluminum, nickel, coking, and other factories have led to a higher concentration of carcinogens in the air over many cities. Specialists from Sverdlovenergo have invented an extremely effective gas scrubbing method to remove contaminants. If installed at factories, it will allow them to comply with the Law on Protecting Air Quality and citizen initiatives.

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