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"Good Money for Good People"

Article provided by:Gateway2RussiaGateway2Russia

13 February 2004
"Good Money for Good People"

Russian venture capital seems to have woken up. It is connecting with “business angels” and examining industrial demand, but is it ready for global competition?

A recently published survey by VentureOne and Ernst & Young shows that venture investments in Silicon Valley have increased by 22% over the last quarter. For the first time since 2000, venture capitalists are investing more in newly established start-ups and less in second rounds at companies already in their portfolios. The venture business is trying to find new ways to grow. Wireless technologies like Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, and Bluetooth are still fashionable. Everything related to radio identification (RFID) is all the rage. There is also increasing interest in the new generation of internet projects, so-called social networks. But what about Russia? Last July, Expert published a pilot review of venture capital and venture investment in Russia (Expert #23, 2003). Here is our venture review for the second half of 2003.

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