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Work & Travel USA program participants seeking summer jobs
16 March 2006
Work & Travel USA program participants seeking summer jobs

The Work & Travel USA program makes it possible for international students to experience life in the United States first-hand as seasonal employees in businesses throughout the United States. Since 1969, CIEE has been designated by the US Department of State to administer this J-1 visa program.

The Summer Program operates from June 1st to October 19th. Participants may work a maximum of 4 months during their program; each participant's legal working dates are listed on his or her DS-2019 form. Exact dates vary by country due to participants' home country university summer vacation schedule or limitations set by the U.S. Embassy in a participant's home country.


The following students are looking for the summer job or paid internship. They are all 4-year students of the Tyumen State Institute of World Economy, Management and Law (Economic Department) in Russia.


Pavel Vishnevskiy   

I’m 20 years old, communicative, responsible, energetic, open for new knowledge,

keen of soccer, traveling, reading. I’m an advanced PC user: MS Office, Power Point, Internet.

I speak English and Russian fluently, German – middle level. I’m interested in Economics, Management, Hardware, a participant of many conferences. On the moment I’m the Chairman of faculty’s student council and Vice-president of institute’s intellectual club.


Contact: pavel_vi@mail.ru


Vostretsov Alexey

 I’m sociable, flexible, quickly adapting to new conditions, able to work in team, glad to work with people. I have a good English and can read French. I have an experience of working in the USA company. I’m familiar with economic, financial analysis, forecasting, advertisement, real estate business and human resourses activities. I can work with many computer programs and easily learn new information. Now my activity is connected with such companies as Coca-Cola, City Group, Raiffeisen bank, Shlumberge company. 


Contact: ksey@list.ru


Yuliya Shirokova

I study national economy and  I’m interested in corporate management. I’m responsible, straightforward, energetic, hardworking, creative and persistant in problem solving. I have analysis skills, organizational, communication skills, typing and advertisement distribution skills. Last year I was a participant of this program and I was in Mississippi. Now I am an intern in  the West-Siberian Commercial Bank


Contact: yulisha@mail.ru


More information about the Summer Work & Travel USA program


The Summer Work/Travel program is a Congressionally authorized program. Under the authority of the Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961, as amended, the Department of State (Department) designates private sector organizations and government agencies to conduct exchange visitor programs in one or more of 13 different exchange visitor program categories. The Summer Work/Travel program is one category. The Summer Work/Travel program is designed to achieve the educational objectives of international exchange by involving bona fide foreign college/university students directly in the daily life of the people of the United States through travel and temporary work opportunities. You can acquire a list of designated sponsors for this category by going to our web site and clicking on Catalog of Designated Sponsors and clicking on Summer Work/Travel.

Through the Summer Work/Travel program, foreign college/university students enter the United States to work for a maximum of four months during their summer vacation. Vocational students are not eligible. Program regulations permit students to repeat participation in this program more than once. Participating students are to receive the same salary and benefits as those received by U.S. citizens in the same or similar positions, and sponsors are required to inform participants about the Federal Minimum Wage requirement. Sponsors must also provide participants, prior to their departure to the United States, with the name and location of their employer, as well as information regarding any contractual obligations related to their acceptance of paid employment in the United States if employment is pre-arranged.

For those participants for whom employment has not been pre-arranged, sponsors must:

Ensure that participants have sufficient resources to support themselves during their search for employment; Provide participants with pre-departure information that explains how to seek employment and secure lodging in the United States; Prepare and provide a job directory that includes at least as many job listings as the number of participants entering the United States without pre-arranged employment; and, Undertake reasonable efforts to secure suitable employment for participants unable to find jobs on their own after one week of their arrival in the United States.

Program participants may work anywhere in the United States. However, Department regulations prohibit the placement of program participants as domestic help in U.S. households or in positions requiring them to invest their own money for inventory, such as door-to-door sales (to see a copy of the Summer Work/Travel regulations, refer to Section 62.32 of the Exchange Visitor Program regulations (22 CFR Part 62). Except for participation in the category of Alien Physician, any employment involving patient care is prohibited in the Exchange Visitor Program. Most students typically work in non-skilled service positions at resorts, hotels, restaurants, and amusement parks. However, summer internships in U.S. businesses and other organizations (i.e., architecture, science research, graphic arts, publishing and other media communication, advertising, computer software and electronics, and legal offices, etc.) are allowed, so long as the internship does not exceed the program’s four-month maximum duration, and is completed during the student’s summer vacation.

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