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"The Davos of Central Europe"
12 October 2006
"The Davos of Central Europe"

16th Economic Forum, PolandThe Chamber President, Daniel Satinsky, represented the USRCCNE at the 16th Economic Forum held in Krynica, Poland from September 6 – 9. The Forum is an annual event attended by government officials, business people, international institutions and experts from across Europe and the former Soviet Union. It also included a limited number of participants from the United States. Over the years, the Forum has developed a reputation as the "Davos of Central Europe." This year's Forum was attended by over 1,600 attendees who participated in over 140 workshops, round tables, book presentations and reports, along with the numerous informal discussions among the participants.

Representing the Chamber, Satinsky was the organizer and moderator of two panel discussions. The first one, entitled "Russia’s Role in the Globalization of Information Technology," included Nikolai Puntikov, President of Chamber member StarSoft Development Labs, Inc.. The second panel was titled "Perspectives on Development of Energy Security after the G-8 Summit." In general the Forum was an interesting and informative immersion in the complex political and economic relations of Central Europe and the equally complex relationship with Russia.

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