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Healthy Translations: Language Connections Builds Medical Industry Focus
22 November 2006
Healthy Translations: Language Connections Builds Medical Industry Focus

Medicine has become a global industry, and medical companies find themselves in growing need of linguistic services. Clinical protocols, questionnaires and manuals have to be translated on a routine basis. Quality translation is a crucial component in the success of international clinical trials and foreign sales.

A medical company’s reputation and performance can be severely compromised by inferior translation. Unqualified linguists take longer with translations: inconsistencies can arise, necessitating burdensome reviews and edits, that make the project cost more and take longer than necessary. Terminology must be exact and cultural "snafus" can inhibit a productive and cooperative work environment. Grammatical errors and linguistic inconsistencies may cause problems in clinical trials and services rendered abroad, causing the company to be seen as unprofessional and untrustworthy by foreign colleagues. If the mistakes in translation are not found and corrected in time, more than the company’s image may be at stake. A product that shows inconsistencies in trials may not be approved for use; worse yet, linguistic errors may lead to errors in product use. The company may be held liable for the misuse of its pharmaceuticals and attract regulatory scrutiny.

In view of these dangers, medical companies with linguistic needs should be primarily concerned with issues of accuracy and liability. Language Connections has chosen to build a focus on the medical industry to meet these expectations by hiring certified medical linguists and a stocking an extensive library of related reference materials. Our offerings include supplementary language services such as desktop publishing and foreign-language voiceovers for medical surveys. We are able to maximize efficiency by leveraging the resources used on one medical project with consecutive projects. Consistency and quality are maintained while the quantity of resources needed to complete an assignment decreases, as do our clients’ expenses.

Professional and competent medical translation eliminates confusion and facilitates the safe delivery of medical products.

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