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Registration Rules Changed in Russia
28 February 2007
Registration Rules Changed in Russia

Registration Rules Changed

Russia's new registration rules, as most of you have already heard, have caused considerable confusion among all involved with the visa and registration process. Ostensibly, the new rules should make things easier for foreigners on business and work visas by placing more responsibility with the inviting organization and less with the landlord who rents the foreigner accommodation. Tourist visas will still be registered by hotels.

However, as is often the case in the Russian Federation, the new law has been enacted without clarifying how it should be implemented. The result has been confusion and hardship for those involved.

For those who have not heard about the current situation - we recommend the following story from The Moscow Times.

For those who read Russian and are interested in what the new law exactly says, see the Federal Migration Service website.

The registration forms, issued by and available by local PVU offices across Russia, differ from city to city, so it will be best to receive them locally. An example of one to be used in Moscow is available here.

The implementation of the new law is still developing and will likely change quickly as authorities "feel out" something that works for them. We hope that by the next issue of Alinga Market Update, the requirements will be clear enough that we can spell them out for you here. Until then, make sure you question any agency providing you with visa support as to what will need to be done to get you registered and keep you legal. If the agency won't help or if they say it is your responsibility, we recommend you find another agency that is more helpful.


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