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The John Quincy Adams Project
5 May 2007
The John Quincy Adams Project

The John Quincy Adams Project
A 200 Year Legacy

The planned J. Q. Adams Statue to be placed in MoscowAs a major initiative for the 200th Anniversary of U.S.-Russia Relations in 2007, the John Quincy Adams Project will honor the legacy of the first U.S. Minister to Russia and sixth president of the United States with the dedication of a statue at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow and the gift of a companion bust to a leading Russian university in international relations. 

The statue captures John Quincy Adams midpoint between his two sojourns in Russia -- as a student and teenage translator for an early diplomatic mission in 1781-2 and as the youthful envoy to the Court of Tsar Alexander I in 1809-1814.  Adams is perhaps the first American student to study in Russia and went on to graduate from Harvard University. As a result of his early friendship with Alexander I, the United States became Russia's top trade partner in the early 1800s.  Adams also served as U.S. Secretary of State and as a U.S. Senator from Massachusetts.  His landmark defense of African captives on board the slave ship Amistad provided an important impetus to the abolitionist movement in the United States.

Created by preeminent Russian sculptor Alexander Burganov, the John Quincy Adams statue will be located at the U.S. Embassy Chancery's main entrance, reminding all visitors of the long standing relationship between the people of Russia and the United States.  Dr. Burganov is an award-winning artist of the Russian Federation, and created the Pushkin Statue at George Washington University in Washington, DC. 

John Quincy Adams will be the first statue of an American diplomat in the Russian Federation and honors his legacy and the importance of diplomacy in the free world.  The statue will also serve as a testament to the power and lasting impact of citizen and student exchanges between nations.

A memorial plaque will accompany the statue with donors listed at the $5,000 and $10,000 levels. For more information, please contact the U.S. Embassy at 200thAnniversary@state.gov.

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