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SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES - For Russian International Baseball
9 June 2007
SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES - For Russian International Baseball

For Russian International Baseball

A Russian player waving his national flag after winning the 21 & Under European Championships in Italy last year.RUSSIAN NATIONAL TEAM 2007 U.S.A. BASEBALL TOUR SPONSORSHIP PACKAGE

The sponsorship of this turnkey event will provide you the opportunity to obtain local, regional, and national media interest driven toward the team, baseball fan attention in the United States, and international and global overall awareness of your support of this important venture through newspaper readers, television viewers, and Internet browsers worldwide.  This package includes simple coverage of team transportation in a logoed wrapped bus, team incidental funds, and agency conduction allocations based on a party of thirty-two people in the official traveling delegation for the tour of the United States for the Russian National Baseball Team in the summer months of July and August 2007. 

  • Bus - Your company’s fully logoed wrapped bus for complete US travel  = $44,328 (See below)
  • Funds - Team Incidental Funds - Based on $75 a day for thirty-one days = $2,325
  • Allocation - RIB Conduction Allocation - Full realization and completion of the tour = $18,500

The total costs of the above items equal $65,153 and include, but would not be limited to,:

  • 47 passenger deluxe motor coach wrapped completely with your company’s logos
  • Tour naming rights for the Russian National Baseball Team’s 2007 U.S.A. Baseball Tour
  • Rights to logoed game and leisure apparel for the Russian National Baseball Team
  • Logoed media backdrops enabling you publicity, brand awareness, and product marketing
  • Access to millions of sights and countless visual impressions via the 3,000 mile plus tour

The wrapped bus will serve as the keystone marketing venue for your company as it will provide a traveling billboard for the entire tour as it travels to all games, associated events, and scheduled appearances for the entire 2007 U.S.A. Baseball Tour.  Based on the expressed level of your accumulating involvement of this tour extra opportunities contain virtually endless associations tied into this trip, including all tour press releases and media communications that will showcase your company.

TRANSPORTATION COSTS from Peter Pan Bus Lines - www.peterpanbus.com

The bus and wrap costs are based on quotes obtained from Matt Maglio, Assistant Manager of Charter Sales for the Peter Pan Bus Lines in Springfield, Massachusetts.  You may contact him by phone at: 800-237-8747; Extension 1266 or by email at:  mmaglio@peterpanbus.com

$906.25          day - Thirty-two days = $29,000 covering bus, driver’s meal money, and incidental costs
$49                 day - Driver’s hotel room - (RIB estimate – Drivers often stay free or at discounted rates)
$40                 day - Driver’s gratuity - (RIB estimate – Peter Pan determines this as optional)
$995.25           day - Bus cost

$31,848           Total transportation cost for thirty-two days
$6,000             Fully wrapped bus done in-house by Peter Pan Bus Lines
$37,848           Total price quote for fully wrapped bus and full transportation for thirty-two days

RIB is not contractually associated to the utilization of the Peter Pan services for the tour.  RIB is open to the possibility that through your contacts with transportation companies and companies that design and wrap buses, that you may have ideas on how to more effectively operate this tour.

More on Russian International Baseball: http://www.usrccne.org/news2.phtml?m=330
Inquiries may be made to:

Bob Protexter
Founder & President
Russian International Baseball
1330 South Cornelia Street 
Sioux City, Iowa 51106 USA
Tel: 712-276-2360
email: russianbaseball@hotmail.com
web: totalbaseballdevelopment.com

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