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Russian Youth Hockey Seeks US Exchange Partner
20 June 2007
Russian Youth Hockey Seeks US Exchange Partner

Russian Youth Hockey Seeks US Exchange Partner

Krylia Sovetov, one of most famous and historic of the Moscow ice hockey clubs, is the organizer of one of the largest youth hockey programs in Russia for kids aged 9 to 15. The club is interested in finding a U.S. youth hockey program to partner with that would be willing to organize a series of exhibition matches in New England between local teams and the Krylia Sovetov youth team from Moscow. The responsibility of the U.S. partner would be to organize the logistics of the exhibition matches and provide home stays for the Russian kids. Krylia Sovetov would be responsible for all of the logistics and costs of bringing the Russian kids to the U.S. Such an exchange would be a great opportunity for hockey enthusiasts and for cross cultural understanding between the kids of both countries.

For further information about becoming the US partner for this project, please contact Dan Satinsky at 617 642 9584 or satinsky@bea-associates.com.

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