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Wanted: Technical Director
25 June 2007
Wanted: Technical Director


SFT Group, a holding company which owns three paper & pulp / carton mills which process and produce a variety of materials related to the paper and carton industry, is looking for an expatriate Technical Director.  This is partially in connection with their plans to hold an IPO, ideally by 2015.   The successful candidate will be responsible for:

  • Overseeing production at all three of SFT Group’s facilities
  • Bringing all production up to Western standards
  • Successfully integrating new production
  • Defining where successful investment needs to be attracted
  • Streamlining work of Group’s production and technical departments

The position, while based in Moscow, will require business trips to the three factories almost all the time at first, with fewer and fewer trips as the processes become more stabilized.  The successful candidate will be required to:

  • Move to Russia for at least three-five years
  • Interact with Group’s and factories’ top management, who are very forward-thinking and “oriented towards the West”
  • Have experience in being a Technical Director / Production Director in the industry
  • Be familiar with a vast range of paper / carton-producing equipment
  • Have experience in investment projects in the carton / paper industry as leader of a project team
  • Be able to take initiative and be extremely logical in his/her thinking
  • Be able to quickly identify problem areas and correct them in the boundaries of the budget

Knowledge of Russian is NOT required.  The successful candidate will be given a commensurate salary, apartment (or apartments), car/driver, interpreter, and other negotiable perks.

Interested parties should contact:

Marc Hackel
Euro Personnel
Recruitment Consultant
Local IRC Coordinator

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