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Russian Telecom Monthly Newsletter
7 September 2007
Russian Telecom Monthly Newsletter

Russian Telecom Monthly Newsletter
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Russian Telecom Newsletter!

The Russian Telecom Monthly Newsletter will serve as your guide on the latest developments in the Russian telecommunications and IT market. For the past five years, the Russian ICT (information and communication technologies) market has demonstrated some exceptional annual growth, averaging 25 percent. Based on data from the Russian Ministry of Information Technologies and Communication, last year the total ICT market size (including electrical communications, IT sector, and post) surpassed US$40 billion. In 2006, telecom sector revenues grew 26 percent and reached US$29.6 billion. In the meantime, foreign investments in the Russian telecom sector have doubled. While Russian mobile communication is still an exciting market, the Internet and fixed communication services sectors have flourished in the past two years. With the issuance of 3G licenses and booming broadband Internet consumption, the sector is destined to grow further.

Taking into account the stable ICT market growth, it is very important for vendors and service providers to be up-to-date with the ever-changing Russian high-tech industry. In today's highly competitive market, successful companies cannot afford to ignore the market intelligence. While there is an abundance of market research online today, there is a lack of qualitative and clear materials on the Russian telecom and IT market. In addition, who has time today to read all these flows of data and raw statistics?

Subjects Covered?                      
New legislation
Certification rules                            
Government policy
Contract awards
Market studies
Products being introduced
New service companies
Major projects

Who Should Be Interested?
Equipment manufacturers
Telephone companies
Agents and distributors
Systems engineers
CATV companies
Satellite Companies

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