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Satinsky Affiliates with The York Group
9 September 2007
Satinsky Affiliates with The York Group

Daniel Satinsky Affiliates with The York Group
to Help ICT Companies Establish and Grow Sales in Russia

Daniel Satinsky, USRCCNE PresidentAmerica-based Daniel Satinsky and his Russia-based partner, Mikhail Elashkin, have affiliated with The York Group as Country Managers for the Russian Federation.

The York Group helps information and communications technology (ICT) companies establish and grow sales in international markets. With local representative offices in 24 countries, York has the local on-the-ground resources to take technology solutions from anywhere to anywhere by developing and managing local country distribution networks. York has a proven methodology that can generate more revenue and greater profits at a faster rate and with lower risk than ICT companies can generate on their own.

Russia is a rapidly growing market for all types of ICT products, but may appear to be a bit of a reach for companies not ready to incur the expense and risk of opening their own offices there. The York Group approach offers an alternative path to the Russian market with far less risk and expense than opening a direct marketing presence in Russia.

York's menu of market research and channel distribution development services can be tailored to the needs of companies at various stages of development of international sales, including companies new to international sales or unfamiliar with a particular country market; companies ready to utilize channel distribution but needing help to expand into new regions; and companies already engaged with channel partners, but not satisfied with the results from their current channel program and partners.

After careful consideration, Satinsky and Elashkin have decided to expand the services they provide clients through their respective consulting businesses with an association with The York Group. The combination of The York Group's experienced international network and structured methodology for development of distribution networks combined with Satinsky and Elashkin's knowledge and experience in the Russian ICT market makes for a cost-effective service offering for entry into the Russian market.

Any Massachusetts or New England company interested in further investigating the growing ICT market in Russia or entry into any other foreign market served by The York Group is invited to contact Daniel Satinsky. The York Group can also provide market entry services for any Russian ICT company interested in world markets, including the U.S. market. For further information, please contact Daniel Satinsky at dsatinsky@theyorkgroup.com.

About Daniel Satinsky

Daniel Satinsky has been an active participant in bringing European and U.S. technology into the Russian market since the early 1990's, when he was part of a U.S.-Russian joint venture in satellite telecommunications. More recently, as a consultant working through his own company, B.E.A. Associates, Inc., he has focused on the Russian information and communications technology (ICT) sector. From 2004 – 2006, he was the Executive Editor of  Russian Petroleum Investor and Caspian Investor: analytic, journals specializing in the energy sector in the former Soviet Union. He is the author of the Buyer's Guide to the Russian IT Outsourcing Industry (2006). Daniel Satinsky also serves as the President of the U.S.-Russia Chamber of Commerce of New England, Inc.. Mr. Satinsky has been a regular business visitor to Russia since 1989 and is a frequent speaker on Russia-related topics. Mr. Satinsky is a graduate of Northeastern University Law School and holds a Master of Law and Diplomacy degree from the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy.

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