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Cyphermint Teams with DHL on Shipping Technology
8 February 2008
Cyphermint Teams with DHL on Shipping Technology

Cyphermint Teams with DHL on Shipping Technology
for Walgreens and OfficeMax Locations Across the US

Cyphermint, Inc., a leading provider of kiosk and secure electronic payment solutions, announced today that it will outfit its software solution at thousands of Walgreens retail stores nationwide where DHL will offer its services. Cyphermint currently has its solution integrated within the DHL Shipping Spot at over 900 OfficeMax locations nationwide. Powered by Cyphermint, the DHL Shipping Spots bring an unprecedented level of convenience and accessibility to small businesses and consumers.

Earlier this month, DHL announced that it has entered into a strategic agreement with Walgreens, the nation’s largest drugstore chain.  The agreement is designed to readily serve shippers sending and dropping off their packages for overnight, ground and international delivery. Walgreens is projected to expand to more than 6,500 locations by the end of 2008 with more than 1,600 stores open 24 hours a day.

Cyphermint designed a Windows based software solution which is the operating system for the DHL Shipping Spots. At Walgreens and OfficeMax retail locations, The DHL Shipping Spots are staffed by fully trained associates to weigh, label and ship customer packages to US and international destinations.

The user-friendly interface within the DHL Shipping Spots feature intuitive screen prompts which help retail associates quickly prepare a customer shipment. After the associate selects the destination, weighs the package, attaches the label and collects payment, the package is secured and available for DHL pick up. Associates working with customers that already have a DHL account can also enter the customer account number and have the remaining information auto-filled for their convenience.  Cyphermint utilized the strengths and experience gained from the transactional and financial application of 7-Eleven’s Vcom project and the customer service usability of the recent AAA kiosk to implement the functionality that was essential for the DHL Shipping Spot.

DHL Shipping Spots were tested at the photo counters of the 153 Walgreens stores in Texas, Colorado and Kansas starting last June. Results have been excellent according to DHL.

"We are thrilled that DHL selected Cyphermint as a valued partner to assist in providing their customers with yet another option to process packages quickly, securely, cost-effectively and conveniently," said Joe Barboza, President and CEO of Cyphermint.

The agreement between DHL and Walgreens is a major step in DHL’s retail strategy to reach small and mid-size businesses and consumers nationwide. By the end of 2008, DHL will have more than doubled its retail presence with retail shipping locations at Walgreens and OfficeMax locations, as well as thousands of independently owned and operated mail and parcel centers that are part of the DHL Authorized Shipping Center network.

For more information about Cyphermint, please contact Dennis Bache, Director of Sales, at 508-787-4850.  To learn more about Cyphermint visit www.cyphermint.com.


About Cyphermint, Inc.

Headquartered in Marlborough, Mass., Cyphermint is a provider of Global Electronic Cash Payment and E-commerce solutions. Cyphermint’s patented technology, PayCash, is used in three major areas: (1) The PayCash Mobile technology used by today’s web-enabled wireless devices (2) Kiosk Solutions - delivering web-enabled highly secure self-service B2C merchandising systems, and (3) PayCash Internet Payments providing un-banked consumers access to financial services such as Internet shopping, bill payment and debit cards. Cyphermint’s software solutions provide highly secure, highly scalable web-enabled transactional, services to merchants and consumers on the Internet, self-service kiosks and on cell phones, smart phones and Internet-capable PDAs. 

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