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China, India, Russia – Our Partners in the New Global Economy
4 April 2008
China, India, Russia – Our Partners in the New Global Economy

Mass Technology Leadership Council
"China, India, Russia – Our Partners in the New Global Economy"

The Chamber has played a active part in the upcoming spring meeting of the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council, which will focus on "China, India, Russia – Our Partners in the New Global Economy." The Russia portion of this program was organized by the Chamber, with the invaluable assistance of our long-time partner, RUSSOFT, the Russian national software development association.

The conference is a perfect opportunity for anyone interested in the Russian IT sector to see how Russia fits in the global economy and to get first hand information without having to travel to Russia.

The Russian Ministry of Information Technology and Communications is sending an official delegation that includes Mr. Vladimir Vasilyev, Director, Department for Developing the Strategy for Construction of an Information Society and Mr. Ilya Ponomarev, Duma Deputy representing Novosibirsk and chairman of the high-tech development committee of the Duma.

The afternoon workshop session will focus both on software development services and on market entry for sales of software in the Russian market. This workshop will provide a broad spectrum look at what the Russian IT sector and Russian IT market has to offer U.S. companies. Workshop speakers will include Chamber Board members Alexis Sukharev, President of Auriga and Richard Golob, President of GGA Software Services, LLC. A case study of market entry by a medium size US software company will be presented by Natalya Romanova from the vendor perspective and by Boris Konovalev from the system integrator perspective, based on their actual cooperation in Russia. A number of other Russian companies will be attending, including Chamber member Exigen Services.

Keynote speakers will be Lawrence Summers, former Secretary of the Treasury and former chief economist at the World Bank, speaking on globalization and Meredith Attwell Baker, (Acting) Assistant Secretary of Communications and Information, US Department of Commerce, speaking on the state of relations in the telecom sector between the U.S., China, India and Russia.

Further information on the program can be found on the MTLC website. To register, click here. USRCCNE members qualify for discounted rates - click on "Council Member" when registering and enter "USRCCNE" in the "Additional Registrants" field.


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