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Five Myths About Gazprom
24 November 2008
Five Myths About Gazprom

Five Myths About Gazprom

European energy security and reliance on Russian gas supplies has been a hotly discussed topic over the past several years. Unfortunately, Gazprom has not engaged very vigorously in the substance of this debate and as a result a set of conclusions, or conventional wisdom, has arisen that questions the behavior and motives of Gazprom. At a November 10-11 conference in Istanbul, Sergei Komlev, Head of Contract Structuring and Price Formation Directorate at Gazpromexport, debunked this conventional wisdom in a presentation entitled, "Five Myths about Gazprom." He was assisted in preparing this presentation by USRCCNE member, Daniel Satinsky, President of B.E.A. Associates, Inc. "Five Myths About Gazprom" can be found as a powerpoint presentation on the website of B.E.A. Associates, Inc

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