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Russians Learn To Make Use Of Commercials - Research
15 December 2008
Russians Learn To Make Use Of Commercials - Research

MOSCOW, December 14 (Itar-Tass) -- Russians have learned to make use of advertisements and found that some ads have more pros than cons, a source at the Levada Center told Itar-Tass with the reference to a poll supported by RusBrand.

The center polled 1,600 adults in 44 regions of Russia in late October.

In the opinion of most respondents, they no longer rush to buy commodities or services under the influence of advertisements. Only 25% of the respondents, mostly young and enthusiastic people, sometimes make their buys under the influence of commercials. The number has halved over the past decade, the center said.

The majority of respondents regard commercials as a source of information about new products on the market and about characteristics of particular goods. The overwhelming majority of the respondents said that commercials were an important source of finance for Russian television. No such opinions were voiced before.

In the opinion of Levada Center, the attitude of Russians to advertisements will continue to improve despite the world economic slowdown.

RusBrand, the non-profit partnership "Association of Branded Goods Manufacturers " in Russia, was established in spring 2002 by more than 20 leading consumer goods manufacturers. It is the first large-scale effort in Russia to unite both Russian and international manufacturers to further their interests and serve as the voice of the branded goods industry.

To date, 54 companies joined RusBrand to create an environment of fair and vigorous competition, fostering innovation and guaranteeing maximum value to consumers.

RusBrand in many ways represents a positive new era in the Russian business - a stable, growing, economy where businesses can function in a more principled, open environment.

At present RusBrand members had 82 entities operating in Russia. Their total investments into Russia - more than $ 3.4 billion. RusBrand members created more than 60,000 new jobs in Russia. The total annual sales of RusBrand members amount to more than $ 7 billion. RusBrand represents 46 percent of the TV Advertising market* by the volume of a standard TVR.


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