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Intern with USRCCNE
25 August 2009
Intern with USRCCNE


USRCCNE is seeking an intern who will be available for the upcoming academic year to take responsibility for compiling a database of companies, organizations, and institutions in New England with connections to Russia. This database will serve as an information resource for USRCCNE members and will contain a comprehensive listing of Russia-connected companies in New England. Such a database does not currently exist, and we expect that the research involved will uncover many interesting connections. It is an excellent opportunity for a student who has an interest in Russia and international business, especially if that student is required by their academic program to complete an  independent study or internship as part of their course work.

The intern will participate in structuring the database, will use the Internet and other sources to identify relevant companies, and will populate the database with information about these companies, especially the connections to Russia.  The intern will also undertake an analysis of the data compiled and will prepare a report on the findings.

The position is available immediately.

Prerequisites: interest in U.S.-Russia relations, ability to extract information from the Internet and other sources, attention to detail, commitment for the academic year. 

Preferred: candidates based in New England will be preferred, although applications from any candidate with a good Internet connection willing to work remotely will be considered.

If interested, please contact Richard Golob, Vice President, USRCCNE, rgolob@ggasoftware.com, +1-617-283-2033. 

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