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Auriga Strengthens Its Support for Europe
11 February 2010
Auriga Strengthens Its Support for Europe

Auriga Strengthens Its Support for Europe 

Auriga, an elite software R&D services house serving US and EU customers, expands its presence in Western Europe. In January 2010 Auriga launched a new engineering center in Vilnius, Lithuania and partnered with a new German-based representative, GoodmanHaller headquartered in Munich, to better serve European customers, especially in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Earlier this January, Auriga took part in an outsourcing seminar in Helsinki, Finland, organized in cooperation with Prisma Consulting Oy, outlining for the audience the possibilities to cut costs using the right combination of frameworks and services.

All these events occurred over a single month and reconfirm the importance of Western European market for Auriga upgrowth strategy. Currently serving few customers in Germany and UK, Auriga targets to double and triple the share of EU clients in its revenue over the following years.

Opening the engineering center in Lithuania completely eliminates the gap between engineering teams on the customer and provider side, as now, if urgent onsite work is needed, Auriga engineers can visit the customer's office in 24 hours without wasting time on visa formalities. And, having a local representative based in Germany, greatly simplifies communications and allows our German-speaking customers to express their opinion on important engagement matters in native language.

"Though historically more active in the U.S., we’ve always highly valued our customers from Europe. They were few in number, but included such diamonds as IBM/Germany or Draeger Medical. Working with them was always a pleasure for both sides as we share the common engineering mindset and passion for technical excellence. We'd like to extend this successful experience on other European companies. Russia, being a nearshore and culturally-well-aligned option, is a good destination for software R&D outsourcing from Western and Northern Europe. And with the new strategically placed engineering and representative offices, Auriga removes the last borders between it and the clients and offers a very attractive solution," – says Andrei Pronin, General Manager of Auriga.

“Working in-team with Auriga is a fabulous experience – a rare mixture of top qualified staff at high numbers, paired with a solid history of experience in delivering what they actually offer today.

A major plus in working with Auriga has been the entrepreneurial culture in service delivery which has its origins in the extra service-demanding US-client-base – our clients within the D/A/CH-region value this highly”, – comments Robert Haller, Managing Director of Goodmanhaller. 

We invite all European branches or companies interested in high-quality software services to call Auriga for additional information. Contact our European Headquarter in Moscow (Gennadiy Mahov, Director of Business Development, +7 (495) 713-9900 ext. 306) or GoodmanHaller company (Robert Haller, +49-89-294159, Managing Director) for details.


About Auriga:

Auriga (www.auriga.com) is a software R&D and IT outsourcing services provider incorporated in the U.S. and operating development centers in Russia. The list of provided services covers all aspects of software product engineering for a broad range of knowledge areas from embedded and mobile software to enterprise and Web applications. Auriga combines top engineering talent with flexibility, cultural proximity, and focuses on clients’ interests and convenience as its main driving strategy.  

Founded in 1990, Auriga was the first Russian company to provide offshore/nearshore services to EU/US customers. Auriga is in top 10 outsourcers in Eastern Europe and Russia, and a worldwide leader in such services as R&D, OPD, software testing and QA, and such verticals as high-tech, healthcare, and telecom. Auriga is constantly included in Global Services 100, Global Outsourcing 100, The Black Book of Outsourcing and other global industry ratings. The client list combines industry majors, leaders in their segments, and innovative start-ups, including IBM, Draeger Medical, LynuxWorks, Dialogic, Actel, BroadVision and many others.

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