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Udmurt Republic
10 June 2003
Udmurt Republic

Udmurtia flagTotal Area: 42.1 thousand sq.km., or 0.25 % of the total area of the Russian Federation.
Capital: Izhevsk (655 600 people).
Major Cities: Votkinsk - 102 000 people, Glazov - 106 000 people, Mozhga - 48 500 people, Sarapul - 107 500 people.
Administrative Structure: 5 cities, 25 administrative districts, 11 towns, 2119 small settlements.
Geographical Location: The Udmurt Republic is a republic within the Russian Federation situated in the western part of the Middle Urals between the Kama and the Viatka rivers. The distance between Izhevsk, the capital of the Udmurt Republic, and Moscow, the capital of the Russian Federation, is 1325 km.
Population: 1 636 000 people; urban population - 70 %, rural - 30 %. Density of population - 38.2 people per sq.km.


The main natural resources are timber and oil. There are 113 oil fields in Udmurtia. 96% of oil is sold outside of the Udmurt Republic. Annual production amounts to 7-8 mln. tons.

46% of the territory is covered with forests, half of them - the conifers. 2.8 mln. cubic meters are available for the industrial use. There are reserves of peat, nitrogen and methane, construction materials (quartz sands, clay, lime stone) as well as mineral water and medical mud.

Public Administration in the Udmurt Republic 

The Udmurt Republic is a republic within the Russian Federation. In accordance with the Constitution of Udmurtia state power in the Udmurt Republic is exercised by the State Council of the Umdurt Republic, the President of the Udmurt Republic, the Government of the Udmurt Republic, the Constitutional court of the Udmurt Republic, Justices of the peace of the Udmurt Republic.

State power in the Udmurt Republic is exercised on the basis of the separation of the legislative, executive and judiciary branches, as well as delimitation of scopes of authority and powers between the bodies of state power of the Russian Federation and the bodies of state power of the Udmurt Republic.


Industry landscape - UdmurtiaThe economy of the Udmurt Republic is notable for the diversity of its industries. Oil-extracting www.udmnp.ru, ferrous metallurgy www.izhstal.ru, machine-building www.izhmash.ru, metal-working and wood-processing www.redstar.udm.ru industries play the leading role. These industries comprise the largest potential to establish mutually beneficial cooperation.

Presently, the segment of IT constitutes as little as 0,5% of the market.

However, the great scientific potential of the republic makes this sector of industry very promising.

High Technologies Center (www.htc-cs.com) holds one of the leading positions in this business.

The industry of the republic is a unique complex producing a wide range of weapons and military equipment. As for the civil products, enterprises of Udmurtia are among the leaders in the manufacturing of certain consumer goods, such as hunting and sporting guns, motorcycles, radio and medical equipment.

The structure of the economy is presented in the chart below:

Branches of economy in the Gross Regional Product

Social and economic development of Udmurtia is determined by:

  • advanced industrial potential, highly qualified personnel of enterprises and research institutions;
  • favorable location of the Republic in the center of the Urals region;
  • rich reserves of natural resources;
  • natural and climatic conditions acceptable for agricultural development;
  • favorable demographic situation providing labor force for the economy in full.

Transport and Communication

The Udmurt Republic enjoys access to all means of transportation (railways, automobile roads, waterways and air communications) to other regions of Russia and foreign countries.

In the territory of the Udmurt Republic the mobile communication services of the following standards are provided: NMT-450, DAMPS/AMPS, GSM-900 and, in the near future, GSM-1800.

International Trade

In 2002 the development of international trade in the Udmurt Republic is characterized by the increase of exports. The main export partners were Greece, India (military and technical products), Netherlands and Poland (oil), the main import partners - Ukraine, Kazakhstan. In 2002 the Udmurt Republic traded with 67 countries.

International trade in Udmurtia in 2001-2002, mln. USD

Trade Items 2001 2002
International trade turnover 757,6 40,0
Export 665,8 750,0
Oil 469,4 400,0
Oil-based and chemistry products 14,8 12,0
Timber and wooden products 2,4 2,8
Metal and metal products 46,1 55,0
Machines, equipment and transportation means 100,0 160,0
Import 91,8 90,0
Food-stuffs 2,8 1,5
Oil-based and chemistry products 36,3 35,0
Timber and wooden products 0,4 0,2
Metal and metal products 13,2 15,0
Machines, equipment and transportation means 34,8 30,0
Foreign countries, excluding CIS countries
Export 629,3 710,0
Import 49,2 35,0
CIS countries
Export 36,8 40,0
Import 42,6 55,0


International investments in the Udmurt Republic, thousand USD

Investments Invested in total through January-September, 2002 Accumulated in total as of October 1, 2002
INVESTMENTS - TOTAL 154 801 141 350
Inputs in authorized capital 95 25 392
Tangible and intangible assets 16 493
Cash 95 8 899
Loans from international co-owners 343 725
Others 378
Trade loans 45
Other loans 154 050 101 775
Loans of the foreign governments against the guarantee of the Russian government 10 423
Others 343

Source: State Committee for Statistics of UR.

The Udmurt Republic is taking the lead among the regions of the Privolzhsky federal district in international investment per capita.

There are 5 institutions of higher education: the Udmurt State University, the Izhevsk State Technical University, the Izhevsk State Medical Academy, the Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy, the Glazovsky State Pedagogical Institute. These institutions train over 37 thousand students and offer more than 100 majors. There are 2.4 thousand instructors and professors, and over 1.1 thousand of them have scientific degrees.


Ministry of International Relations of the Udmurt Republic

426074, Russia, Udmurt Republic, Izhevsk, pl. 50 lyet Oktiabria, 15
Phone: 7 (3412) 25-91-20
Fax: 7 (3412) 78-49-97
E-mail: mir@interlink.udm.ru
Website: http://mir.udmweb.ru

Administration of the President and the Government of the Udmurt Republic

426007, Russia, Udmurt Republic, Izhevsk, Pushkinskaia 214
Phone: 7 (3412) 25-17-75
Fax: 7 (3412) 25-50-17
E-mail: gov@udmnet.ru
Website: www.udmurt.ru

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