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After successful 2010 Auriga plans growth for 2011
23 July 2011
After successful 2010 Auriga plans growth for 2011

After successful 2010 Auriga plans growth for 2011


Auriga, one of world's top 20 outsourcing service providers (as rated by Datamonitor), continues its growth in Russia, EU and USA, and highlights mobile, rich multimedia and cloud software as technology areas for further development.

Woburn, MA, USA – The 2010 fiscal year has been a very successful period for Auriga, a U.S.-based software R&D outsourcing services provider with development centers in Russia and EU. Over that year, Auriga has grown by over 50% in size, both in terms of revenue and the number of employees. Auriga project portfolio is mainly distributed across such industry verticals as technology, telecom, mobile & wireless, healthcare, finance and logistics. To match the speed of company’s expansion, the existing engineering offices in Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, and Vilnius were expanded, and a new office opened in Massachusetts, in the high-tech cluster on Route 128.

With all the rapid growth, the focus on customers’ satisfaction and service quality were not compromised. The company re-confirmed its place among the top outsourcing industry providers, highlighted as the leader in engineering and software R&D fields. As one example, Auriga is featured in “Best 20 Companies by Services Offered: Research & Development” of the Global Outsourcing 100 list. In 2010, Auriga was the only Russian company and one of only 9 companies worldwide who made the three most recognized rankings of outsourcing vendors worldwide: Global Services 100, Global Outsourcing 100 and Global Top 50 Providers in The Black Book of Outsourcing by Datamonitor.

And it was 2010 when Auriga climbed a new peak in customer satisfaction. The company was named world’s Number 1 provider in the Black Book of Outsourcing report “2010 Leading Providers of Outsourced Engineering Services”. That report issued in June of 2011 is compiled entirely based on the analysis of 2010 surveys of service users. And this time, Auriga earned the highest average mark from the clients, finishing ahead of IBM, HP, Dell, Wipro, and other big names of the engineering services world. This is the highest ranking for a Russian company in the history of software outsourcing industry.

After the successful year, Auriga continues to work on sharpening its skills and getting new expertise in several technology areas to stay at the cutting edge of software development.

Embedded and system-level software development will obviously remain a focus area for Auriga with its 20+ years of accumulated comprehensive experience in the services provided to ISV and OEM customers.

Significant growth is expected in the area of mobile software R&D services – Auriga believes that mobile software industry will see tremendous development in the nearest years.  In 2010, the mobile domain has already become the fastest growing for Auriga. In 2011, Auriga will continue to deepen its expertise in the areas of location based services, cross-platform mobile clients, complex communication/collaboration solutions, and multimedia streaming for mobile devices. The communication and multimedia streaming solutions are predicted to become one of the pillars for success for mobile network carriers in their struggle to meet the increased user demand for high-quality video & audio data.

Auriga makes a point of advancing expertise in the software areas that are changing the face of today’s industry. Other areas planned for extensive development in 2011 are core banking systems, enterprise portals and document management solutions, cloud-based content delivery and storage networks.

“Our business is growing and our domain of technology knowledge is expanding. Our special pride is in the highest marks that our clients give to us for our service. In 2010, we received exceptional recognition from the leading industry analysts, and we are further enhancing our services to live up to this excellent reputation,” – says Auriga General Manager Andrey Pronin.


About Auriga:

Auriga (www.auriga.com) is a software R&D and IT outsourcing services provider incorporated in the U.S. and operating development centers in Russia and Lithuania. The list of provided services covers all aspects of software product engineering for a broad range of knowledge areas from embedded and mobile software to enterprise and Web applications. Auriga combines top engineering talent with flexibility, cultural proximity to clients, and focuses on clients’ interests and convenience as its main driving strategy.

Founded in 1990, Auriga was the first Russian company to provide offshore/nearshore services to EU/US customers. Auriga is among top 10 outsourcing providers in Eastern Europe and Russia, and a worldwide leader in such services as R&D, OPD, software testing and QA, and such verticals as high-tech, healthcare, telecom. Auriga is constantly included in Global Services 100, Global Outsourcing 100, The Black Book of Outsourcing and other global industry ratings. The client list combines industry majors, leaders in their segments, and innovative start-ups, including IBM, Draeger Medical, LynuxWorks, Dialogic, Actel, BroadVision and many others.


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