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Russian Investment & Massachusetts Technology – Winning Combination
26 March 2012
Russian Investment & Massachusetts Technology – Winning Combination

On March 13, the Chamber held one its best-attended and informative programs of the past several years. The presentations and panel discussion highlighted investment by Russian development funds in Massachusetts technology companies. It was attended by more than 90 people at the offices of K&L Gates law firm and was co-sponsored by Rusnano, USA.

The honorable Therese Murray, Massachusetts Senate President opened the program by highlighting both the connections between Massachusetts and Russia and the necessity of strengthening technology collaboration in a globally connected world.

Senate President Therese Murray
Senate President Therese Murray

Dmitry Akhanov, President of Rusnano USA, presented a comprehensive overview of Rusnano, its priorities and criteria for finding & making investments.

Dmitry Akhanov, Rusnano USA
Dmitry Akhanov (Rusnano USA)

Alexey Eliseev, Chamber Board member and Managing Director of Maxwell Biotech, a member of the Russian Venture Company family of funds, made a similar presentation about his fund.

Alexey Eliseev, Maxwell Biotech
Alexey Eliseev (Maxwell Biotech)

These overview presentations were followed by a panel discussion with executives from four companies who have already received investment from either Rusnano or Maxwell Biotech. The panelists included Dan Koerwer, Head of Market and Business Development for BIND Biosciences, William Sims, President & CEO of Joule Unlimited, Alexander Vybornov, President & CEO of Dental Photonics and Tim Barberich, CEO of Bionevia Pharmaceuticals. Each of the panelists spoke about their companies and their own experience working with either Rusnano or Maxwell Biotech. This was following by questions from the audience. The main theme that emerged from this discussion was that each of the companies valued most of all the market benefit and strategic business development potential that they got through their Russian investment partner. The financial investment was important, but more important was the overall impact on their company and its future.

Panel participants
Panel participants (left to right): Alexey Eliseev (Maxwell Biotech),
Dmitry Akhanov (Rusnano USA), Dan Koerwer (BIND Biosciences),
Alexander Vybornov (Dental Photonics), William Sims (Joule),
Tim Barberich (Bionevia Pharmaceuticals)

Anna Uritsky (USRCCNE), Dan Satinsky (Russia Innovation Collaborative),
Alexey Eliseev (Maxwell Biotech), Shann Kerner (K&L Gates)

Nick Bobrov (the Delahunt Group), Daniel Meyer (DCG)

Networking in progress
Networking in progress

sharing ideas
Dmitry Akhanov (Rusnano USA),
Natasha Lisman ( Sugarman, Rogers, Barshak &Cohen, P.C.)

Val Livada (MIT) , Dane Bedward
Val Livada (MIT) , Dane Bedward

Mark O. Henry (Bach Pharma), Michael Schwartzman (ValueSearch Capital Management, LLC)
Mark O. Henry (Bach Pharma),
Michael Schwartzman (ValueSearch Capital Management, LLC)

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