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Auriga employs the first Russian IIBA-certified business analyst
25 April 2012
Auriga employs the first Russian IIBA-certified business analyst

Auriga employs the first Russian IIBA-certified business analyst

One of Auriga’s lead business analysts obtained the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) certificate from the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) in March of 2012, making him the first and only business analyst in Russia with this type of certification.

Nowadays, the CBAP certificate is the most authoritative confirmation of the level of professionalism of business analysts, reflecting not only a high level of competence but also extensive integration into global professional culture and practice. At present, there are only 1,700 such professionals worldwide. In the former USSR, there are three—one in the Ukraine and two in Belarus (one of whom now lives and works in Canada).

CBAP certification is designed for senior business analysts only (i.e. for those who can not only work independently but also plan, monitor, and organize the work of other business analysts in complex and comprehensive projects). Our analyst has successfully worked on development projects for so-called digital government by participating in the development of a new judicial records-management system. We see great potential in using his professional expertise in the areas of business-process automation and records-management systems development and maintenance for international enterprises and state agencies. Our analyst made the following statement regarding barriers to certification:

“In my view, the major barrier to the certification of Russian business analysts is the lack of their integration into the international community. This not only requires a vast knowledge of professional terminology but also requires the analyst to think in terms of the problems and challenges of the leading Western businessmen and professionals.”

About Auriga:

Auriga (www.auriga.com) is a software R&D and IT outsourcing services provider incorporated in the U.S. and operating development centers in Russia and Lithuania. The list of provided services covers all aspects of software product engineering for a broad range of knowledge areas from embedded and mobile software to enterprise and Web applications. Auriga combines top engineering talent with flexibility, cultural proximity to clients, and focuses on clients’ interests and convenience as its main driving strategy.

Founded in 1990, Auriga was the first Russian company to provide offshore/nearshore services to EU/US customers. Auriga is among top 10 outsourcing providers in Eastern Europe and Russia, and a worldwide leader in such services as R&D, OPD, software testing and QA, and such verticals as high-tech, healthcare, telecom. Auriga is constantly included in Global Services 100, Global Outsourcing 100, The Black Book of Outsourcing and other global industry ratings. The client list combines industry majors, leaders in their segments, and innovative start-ups, including IBM, Draeger Medical, LynuxWorks, Dialogic, Actel, BroadVision and many others.

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