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Language Connections at the Bio International Convention 2012
10 July 2012
Language Connections at the Bio International Convention 2012


Bio International is one of biotech's largest conventions which brings together leaders of the industry from around the world. Participants include many international delegates - all major players of the industry. Among the events of greatest interest were the numerous partnering sessions as well as meetings with government officials.

Language Connections was chosen by BIO to translate their website and marketing outreach materials for this year's convention into several different languages including Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Russian. They also provided interpreting services during key meetings, panel discussions, local company visits and presentations with leading government delegates and company officials from Turkey, China, Spain and Russia.

As a language service provider of the event, Language Connections worked closely with BIO, Russian Venture Company (RVC), Mid-Atlantic Russia Business Council, Torrey Pines Investments and Instituto Español de Comercio Exterior (ICEX). They facilitated several important events leading up to, as well as during the convention including company visits and meetings with Russian delegates, presentations and meetings with Turkish government officials, and events throughout  "China Day." They report that they received exceptionally positive feedback from all of their clients and look forward to providing language services at next year's convention!

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