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Language Connections Aids MA Russian Speakers
18 November 2013
Language Connections Aids MA Russian Speakers

In Massachusetts the Russian community is primarily composed of immigrants from the former Soviet Union, the majority of who arrived in the 1970s, and those who continued to immigrate to the United States during the 1990s from former Soviet satellites. As a result, there are many first-generation Russians living in Massachusetts. The number of Russian speakers in the United States has in fact quadrupled over the last 30 years (according to a 2013 US Census Bureau report). After New York and California, Massachusetts is home to one of the largest Russian communities which is concentrated in several of Boston’s surrounding neighborhoods, including Newton, Brighton, Brookline, Allston, Chestnut Hill, Lynn, Springfield, Cape Cod and Sharon. Although most Russian immigrants living in the United States are bilingual, there are some individuals who are still not adequately fluent in the language of their adopted country. As a result, Language Connections, a full service language provider, is often asked to translate and/or interpret in order to aid state programs. Recently, Language Connections translated a series of forms from English into Russian (in addition to several other languages) for the MA Trial Court website and is currently in the process of translating abuse prevention orders to aid in the filing of such claims among native Russian speakers with Limited English Proficiency. Click here to read more.

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